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Happy Valentine's Day! 🌹🍫💝 Whether you're single or taken, it's a good idea to skip the chocolate truffles and unhealthy treats 🍫😉 So what will you indulge in then?!? DIY PROTEIN BARS! 💪🍴 Duhhhhh 💁 They're sweet, they're fudgy, they're rich, and they're amazing 😍 They're all natural, refined sugar free, high protein, high fiber and gluten free. The majority of the recipes are vegan too 🙏 . The flavors in the picture include: Mocha☕️🍫, Seven Layer Bar, Raspberry Almond, Chubby Hubby, Red Velvet Cake🎂, Milky Way®, Carrot Cake, Orange Cranberry Quinoa🍊, White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie🍪, PayDay® . ••• You can get the recipes from The DIY Protein Bars Cookbook! 📙 (available🔛 in both print and Kindle... perfect as a gift for someone you love... or yourself, because that's 100% acceptable) Link in profile ➡️ @DessertsWithBenefits

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