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It’s photos just like this one that I used to over analyse and despise. Negative thoughts about my physical beauty would run around and around in my head until I was mentally and emotionally drained. I would starve myself, I would constantly diet and I would HATE what my reflection entailed. I finally realised that HATING what society deemed “unattractive” was pushing me further and further into a deep hole of depression, anxiety and misery. By who’s standard are these things deemed not beautiful? Why should I live in fear of my body, one that is so unique and deserves to be loved. I encourage you today. BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF LOVING YOUR “FLAWS”. At first it will feel so weird but TRUST ME. Once you start to appreciate and embrace those stretch marks, that cellulite, those lumps and bumps, that tub. Only then will you see how beautiful life can be. You will be unstoppable. An amazing force of LOVE! Go and buy that bikini you have wanted, wear that outfit that you thought would make your love handles stand out. BELIEVE IN YOUR BEAUTY. Your body deserves to be loved by you ❤️

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