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Burgundy - a tricky tone to capture accurately on camera, but the perfect tone for this time of year! Rumor has it that these colors are very hard to maintain, but that’s not true. As long as the tone was applied correctly & your client uses the right products at home, their color can stick around for a while. Also, extending time between washes helps a lot rather than washing it everyday/every other day. •• Did you know? You can retrain your scalp to not get as oily quickly? It won’t happen overnight, but if you find yourself washing your hair very often, try to figure out what goes on during your daily routine that might be causing it. Maybe it’s a drugstore shampoo, maybe you’re touching your hair too often, or maybe you’re not washing your hair thoroughly. There can be so many factors! But no worries, it happens 🤷🏻‍♀️ Tip: Wash your hair 2 times in the shower to make sure your scalp is fully cleansed. Sometimes only 1 won’t do it, and it might not lather completely & you’ll feel it. Hope this helps! This custom color was created with @joicointensity #Hairspraytion

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