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🖤 THE KANSA FACIAL WAND The non-surgical facelift, a natural alternative to injections and surgeries. 💫 We have 43 muscles in the face, head, and 26 in the neck.... The KANSA RITUAL is a simple and effective technique you can perform in the comfort of your own home to massage, stimulate and relax your facial muscles. A natural alternative to lift the face and help you feel calmer on the inside too! 💫 BENEFITS: softens expression lines + lymphatic drainage will encourage blood flow and make your skin glow + makes the skin more alkaline + experience mindfulness during the 5 minute ritual etc... 💫 Ancient Ayurvedic Rituals in honour of inner beauty & natural radiance 🌙✨✨✨ 🖤 #kansawand #ancientbeautytool #empoweringrutuals #glow #naturalfacelift

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