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“I want to apologise to all the women I have called pretty before I’ve called them intelligent or brave. I am sorry I made it sound as though something as simple as what you’re born with is the most you have to be proud of when your spirit has crushed mountains from now on I will say things like you are resilient or you are extraordinary not because I don’t think you’re pretty but because you are so much more than that” - Rupi Kaur I saw this on @thefoodmedic’s story today & it really moved me. I want people to see me for who I am, deeper than my photos on here, even when I try & show ‘reality’ it’s a snippet of my life. I want to bring my children up telling them they can do whatever they want because they are incredible humans, right down to the core, before telling them they look handsome or gorgeous in their clothes ❤️🧡💛 YOU ARE EXTRA - ORDINARY ⭐️✨ Image description - This is a split screen side by side photo. Chessie is in a white dress taking a photo in the mirror.

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