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#representationmatters. Being part of this VOGUE shooting was a challenge for me. Because I am more comfortable with my thoughts and words being represented, not my body - because whenever the bodies, faces and styles of women like me are being represented, hate & anger are present, too. My words, however, have fought and are fighting for the freedom to go beyond, to places my body can’t even enter - for now. This can change, if we also claim visual space. As we are. Vulnerable & strong, shy & confident, flawed & perfect. So, I applaud @voguegermany to have set this goal for themselves, starting off bold & proud, confident & colorful, calling racism what it is and also reflecting past shortcomings. This is what every media company should be doing. Thank you! It’s an honour to be a part of this journey - especially in times like these ♥️🎉♥️ Thank you @alexandrabondideantoni & @champagnekemi! ♥️💪🏽♥️ And to all these wonderful humans I‘ve had the pleasure to do this with @nikeatathompson @larypoppins @lovefoxy @aminatabelli @acetee @wanalimar @julia.dalia @sade.nadia @ceremonialsofasavage @lovefoxy @sandralambeck @ffabae @khadijasound @zeina.boxer @hihadnet @nura @saranuru @euniqueoffiziell @nicoleatieno @zeina.boxer @oliveduran ♥️ Photo @bennie_gay MakeUp @adiamhabtezion Styling @lorenamazastyling

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