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Some will say it’s fake.... - And it is! The second photo has been edited with a free app thats currently being marketed at teenage girls. As you can see, my glutes have been enlarged, waist brought in and skin tone smoothed. It’s little wonder why crippling body insecurity is at an all time high. What’s more - similar apps are available to edit videos, adjusting your body as it MOVES! What kind of world do we want our young women to grow up in? They’re not just comparing themselves to other women anymore. They’re now comparing themselves to images that aren’t even REAL. There are no winners here, only the companies making a fast buck destroying our self esteem. There’s nothing we can do about these apps, they’re perfectly legal (although morally toxic) but what we can do is continue to show the online world what a real woman looks like in the hope that it reaches just one little girl battling with her body image! I want to say a big heartfelt thank you to everyone who is participating in posting their insecurities! I’ve added them to my highlights so that we can continue to show every single woman that they are truly beautiful, unedited and unposed! Let’s show our young girls that only thing they need to enlarge is their self-worth ♥️

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