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Let’s talk EDITING APPS. This transformation took all of two minutes. I smudged out stretchmarks and swapped my bloating for a bum, brightened my eyes and smoothed that great lil mid-forehead vein. In just 120 seconds, I became a SHINIER, GLOSSIER version of myself. And it was incredibly easy. I used to edit my photos like this. When I was recovering from my relapse, I felt delicate. Insecure. So I would use apps like these to make myself THINNER. Always, always thinner. Because in my mind, thin was perfect. And maybe if I was perfect, everything would be ok. Maybe I would be loved. So I have NO anger towards people who use these. No anger. Because I’ve been there. Instead I want to stress to YOU how OFTEN it happens. How in addition to posing and lighting and outfit swaps and all the shiny things I talk about on here, there’s always this lil side of technology. And I want to say that if you’re someone who uses these often, Who changes your body or changes your skin or changes YOU, Know you are seen. You are worthy. And you are LOVED, EXACTLY as you already are. No technology-sponsored changes required. Stay safe out there gals. We’re in this together. Original photo @chiclebelle #instagramvsreality #feminist #beforeandafter #instavsreality #iweigh #bodyacceptance #selflove

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