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BEFORE and AFTER transformations are so gosh darn easy to FAKE. And dodgy brands, like those selling DIET TEAS or DIET JABS (the newest horrible thing to hit the market) often do exactly that. So before I get into the ANGLES and the technique and all that razzle dazzle, I just want to say this: Be careful. Especially to the teens on here, or those of us who have struggled with disordered body image. Be careful. Dodgy companies will use dodgy methods to try to sell you things you don’t need. Things like teas that make you poo or SHOTS that mess up your body or pills that make your heart race. HEALTH goals are incredible. There are LOADS of GENUINE FITNESS transformations on here too. Plenty of REAL ‘before and afters’, which are shared by folks who are proud at all they’ve achieved. Those are incredible. I always have and I always will APPLAUD HEALTH as an act of self love. This post isn’t about that. It’s about the BEFORE AND AFTERS with DIET ADS. Or with DETOX TEAS. Or with the most recent onslaught of SKINNY SHOTS. And all the awful, awful fakery that wraps themselves around products more concerned with MONEY than with WELLNESS. It’s about learning to be careful. And to view the internet with a critical eye — especially where money is involved. Now if you’re curious about HOW I took these PHOTOS, here’s what I did: Pulled my bottoms up higher (longer leg line). Arched my back (waist looks smaller, bum bigger). Popped into my hips. Squeezed my core. Played with light and shadows to hide my cellulite. Swapped into more flattering clothes. And BAM. Before to After in 10 seconds flat. Try it if you fancy. It’s pretty much a back workout. So there you go. Glad you’re here. I hope this helped. Please don’t ever buy a skinny jab. We’re in this together. x #angles #posingtips #selfconfidence #beforeandafter #instagramvsreality #instavsreality

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