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I feel like an “era” is slowly coming to an end and when I realized it, I doubled the work on my inner self. I took great care of most parts of my life but I never really took the time to dig spiritually. The last few weeks have been exactly that, an exploration of my relationship with spirituality and each new day I felt a stronger connection to myself, the world, a higher power. It’s been so powerful and somewhat magical that my words don’t do justice. You may have thought I’ve been withdrawing but in fact I’ve been taking a run-up. I feel strength and confidence and trust I’ve never felt before and I can truthfully say I feel like another version of myself, closer to who I want to be. In 2 days I’m going back to Paris. I see my future clearly and even though I know it always goes as unexpected, I also know the best is yet to come. 🙃🥰🤍

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